Search engine optimisation

We work with a leading search engine optimisation specialist to help ensure that your site gets the best possible search ranking. It is likely that more than 50% of your traffic will come via Google, so it is essential to get your site seen for as many relevant keywords as possible.

All search engines favour clean, well-structured standards-compliant code and good content with clear headings and links.  Site maps and a range of other proven ethical techniques would also be used to help improve your rankings.

Link-building programmes are also a good way to ensure that the best rankings are maintained. Link popularity is key factor for how well Google will rank your pages, but it matters which sites link to you and how they do it – it’s all about the quality of the link.

Search engine optimisation campaigns would also target blogs, RSS feeds and social networking sites. If required, pay-per-click advertising is also available.

If you already have a website that you would like to see fare better on Google, then our consultants can provide a detailed report on what you can do to boost your rankings. This will cover general technical recommendations, keyword research, page-by-page optimisation and suggestions for ongoing campaigns that could benefit your site.

These recommendations could then be taken by your own developers to improve your site, or our team can implement the changes for you.