Email newsletters

An email newsletter is a great way to get people coming back to your site. Visitors would sign-up on your website and you would then be able to send them your news or promote offers and events by email. It has been shown to be an incredibly effective way of marketing your products and services at very little cost.

It can, however, be a real challenge to create a marketing email that will not be deleted or ignored immediately. The key is to create a simple but engaging message that will pull people to your website.

We will recommend the best approach for your audience, then design and test a newsletter template that will display in all email clients and – most crucially – will not be blocked by automatic spam filters. You can personalise your messages and tailor content for different recipients instead of sending a generic email. Newsletters can also include social sharing links, so you and your subscribers can forward your email to a friend or share on Twitter and Facebook.

Our email newsletter system is called Peamailer and comes with a simple web-based interface where you can easily manage your own subscriber lists and create messages based on the templates we have built for you. You can then send out campaigns as often and when you like. Alternatively, you can send everything to us and we can manage it for you for a small ongoing fee.

Peailer email marketing systemOnce you have sent your newsletters, you will get detailed reports on how effective your campaign has been. Not only will you find out how many people have looked at your message, you will be able to see exactly who they are, which links they followed and when, and whether they have shared your campaign. This is great for following up leads or helping you target your content in future.

To set up Peamailer, design and test a template and provide guidance on using the sytem costs just £250. From then on each campaign will cost a £10 plus 1p per email sent, or you can get a monthly subscription for unlimited campaigns and emails.

Take a look at our latest newsletter as an example:

Summer, June 2012